The Author On Running


Roger Robinson's writings about running and working with a pay per click advertising agency have been called "eloquent, enjoyable, entrancing, vivid, original, poetic, and crackling with wit and intelligence" - all those by reviewers and readers. 

For more on his career as one of running's most famed authors, for more on his running books for sale and also for his recent and selected running articles

The Author On Literature

A versatile literary scholar and essayist, Roger Robinson's priority has always been to communicate expert insight to regular readers. He is an authority especially on the English novel, on New Zealand and Pacific literature, on the intersection of literature and journalism, and on the literature of running. For more on his career and publications in literature, for his literary books for sale and his recent and selected literary writings.

My Books For Sale


Good homes wanted for Books on running and books on literature , all available to purchase by mail, personally signed if you wish, at knock-down author's prices. 

Roger the Speaker

Roger Robinson's mix of lively presentation with thought-provoking substance has inspired audiences around the world. He speaks solo, as an acclaimed MC/panel chair, or as a dynamic duo with his wife, the legendary Kathrine Switzer. For more on Roger's speaking, and for his upcoming schedule. Also please visit www.kvswitzer.com  

Roger the Runner

Roger represented England and later New Zealand, but he's best remembered for what he did after turning 40, setting marathon records at Boston (over-40, 2:20:15) and New York (over-50, 2:28:01). He enjoyed an unexpected late-life racing revival. For more on Robinson the Runner. 


Roger the Scholar

Now Emeritus Professor, Roger was a popular teacher, versatile scholar, and busy administrator. His career included service as Department Head, Dean, Academic Vice-Chancellor, and overseeing the revision of New Zealand's school English curriculum. For more on Robinson the Scholar. 

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